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It’s time to bust the myths about women and hair loss! What are the real facts?

Going bald? Loosing hair? Who do you think suffers from it more often- men or women? Did you know, that nearly half of people who suffer from hair loss are, in fact women? Let’s find the facts from the fiction about hair loss!

I heard men only men lose hair, is that true? No!

Around 40-50% of people who experience hair loss are women, and around half of them suffer from it around the age of 50. This is because they suffer from reduced estrogen when menopause kicks in.

Hair loss is all the same, regardless if you’re a man or woman, right? No!

Men tend to develop a receding hairline as they age. In comparison to men, women suffer from hair thinning which begins on the crown of the head. This happens over a long period of time. This could be due to a number of factors such as aging, hormonal changes and menopause.

‘The Pill’ causes hair loss in women, correct? No!

This is very unlikely given most modern forms of contraception have anti-androgen (the hormone that creates male genes) properties. You might even find your local doctor offering birth control pills to reduce hair loss. Visit this site for more information : http://homeandgardenhq.com/

Hair loss is permanent and can’t change? No!

Hair loss can be temporary. For example, a woman who may have just given birth may also experience temporary hair loss as the body readjusts to pre-pregnancy levels of estrogen. You diet may also affect your hair loss for both men and women. The more iron and zinc you have in your diet, the better your hair will be. So it’s time to become Pop Eye and eat more of that spinach!

Stress causes hair loss and other things, true?

Stress and trauma itself can cause varying levels of hair loss and other side effects like chronic illness, at the time of the event. However, with regards to hair loss, when the traumatic event has come to pass, so does the hair loss.

Only old women lose their hair, facto or fiction? Fiction!

Hair loss can happen to anyone, young or old. This could be due to genetics (especially if the girl or young woman has a family history of hair loss). It can also be down to an unhealthy diet, which has a knock on effect on the hormonal balance.

Shampoo creates loss of hair, right? Nope!

When you wash your hair with shampoo, it actually encourages the reduction of dandruff which is what actually can stop hair growth. You only notice your hair loss in the shower as you wash it as it’s more obvious among the soap and suds.

Being exposed to the sun causes hair loss, correct? No!

We need sun rays to get vital vitamins like Vitamin D. This is a crucial vitamin for hair growth. Click here!

Dyeing your hair causes hair loss. No!

It’s not the fact you are dyeing your hair. It’s the number of times and how you treat your hair that matters more. If you’re using a hairdryer or straightener, that is what makes your hair brittle.


Hair loss can happen to anyone, both young and older women. It could be a combination of factors- hormones, genetics, diet and the way you treat your hair.…

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