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Shopping You’ll Love 100%

A guy I know has an interesting theory.  He insists that a woman is 85% makeup, and the remaining 10% clothes.  (The 5% balance consists of the same materials that comprise any other member of the human race.)  He believes the appearance and attractiveness of any woman is directly proportional to the amount of time and effort she invests in her boudoir and wardrobe.  For this reason he recommends that a wise man must determine how much a woman spends on these essentials, since he will invariably be spending that much more of his income to help finance them if the two develop a really serious relationship.

As an example, he described how the first present he gave his wife was a credit card for LOFT.  He knew how much she liked to shop for her favorite clothes there.  And he also knew that they would benefit by her using Groupon discounts and promo codes to save on her frequent purchases from the place; especially since she had a habit of buying additions to her wardrobe for each season, whether they were needed or not.  Of course, he hadn’t anticipated the effect such a card would have on her shopping habits.  She’d “reinvest” the amount of savings achieved by using Groupon coupons and promo codes to buy additional items.  The savings therefore resulted in additional purchases.  Of course, this meant she was one of the best-dressed women in the neighborhood, and someone he was proud to show off at parties, shows and events.  But he also had some thoughts about how much he could have saved if he had possession of that card.


And imagine the amount of savings she managed to do!  Using a Groupon promo code enabled her to save up to 60% off select full-price styles.  She was also able to save 60% on items bought online or in store from LOFT.  These deals alone reduced her clothing shopping expenses by so much that she was able to take advantage of another Groupon coupon to buy selections from Lou & Grey online.  So, before fall even began she had her wardrobe fully prepared for the new season.  However, one couldn’t help wondering who was going to cover costs of the makeup, since according to his formula it would mean that expense would be at least five times as much as she’d spent on her wardrobe!…

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